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Fortuna Florals, LLC is a Portland, OR floral design studio established to provide you with excellent, affordable, floral arrangements.

The greatest treasures Starr Gartner (Owner/ Designer) knows is arranging flowers so they brighten your space or event and enhance your personal experience. The arrangements are fresh,vibrant and artistic. Starr’s floral artistry, “stems” from a lifetime admiring flower gardens and creating art from nature, uniting intrinsic floral beauty with a particular indoor set or a specific outdoor landscape. What a difference a bouquet makes!

With a keen eye, Starr blends style and color chosen to enhance your home, office, restaurant and indoor or outdoor event space. Her designs range from free styled to domed, from vintage to modern, from soft to austere and from simple to dramatic. The arrangements are fresh and designed from locally grown flowers. Starr knows the beautiful, infinite possibilities!